Rumors have been flying about what the Hold It Against Me music video’s looking like. This is today’s juicy chatter from Saturday’s shoot.


– The video is more ‘slave’ than ‘Toxic’ and ‘Womanizer’.

– Every scene has a different choreography, this is the reason for the tests as time consuming. Some parts are easier, more visual,others are really hard and Britney could do everything perfectly.

– Britney has a solo scene, quite Diva. In it, Britney tries to entice the viewers of the video. It was planned to be a subtle thing, but is growing and becoming very impulsive during the rest of the video.This is the only “history” of the clip, everything else is just DANCE!

– The video is something new for Britney, a bit ‘Disco Diva’.

– The version of the music used in the video is Extended, ie alarger version of the song. The remix will be released on iTuneswhen the video is released.

– The expected debut of the clip is in the middle of February.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully no new pictures leak. And, if they do… let’s have it be Britney this time! Heh.

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