Rumored Album 8 Demos

Supposed demos from Britney’s new album leaked on Exhale. Both songs are far different than “Work *****,” a claim Will.I.Am made this week. He told Billboard:

“You can’t always be dictated by what the fan base demands, because it means that the artist probably won’t grow,” says “You have to have one foot in ‘I want to honor the fan base,’ and then the other foot in ‘Let’s see this potential where we can go.’ And hopefully, the fans — if we mind the chatter — will accept and appreciate where we ended up.”

Whether these tracks are for Britney is unconfirmed, but they’re definitely new.

Would you like Britney’s album to reflect this sound? Check them out and leave a comment in Exhale.

UPDATE: The songs are not for Britney, however it’s really interesting to see fans comment how much they loved them and hope Britney goes that direction.