I didn’t type this. It is from a livejournal user!!!!!!!

Anyways, I was just watching The Montel Williams show and he has on Sylvia Browne today as his guest. They were talking about her past predictions of celebrities who was predicted to be expecting in 2005. Well, Montel asked again what was happening and it went like this,
Montel: So, what’s going on with Demi?
Sylvia: She’s pregnant right now.
Montel: Oh, why not come out and say it! She’s already shown us her belly on magazines before.
Montel: So, what about Britney?
Sylvia: Oh, she’s pregnant now as we speak.
Montel: Again? Wow. What about her and her husband?
Sylvia: That won’t last long.

Source: livejournal.com & britneyexperts

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