It appears Tinashe’s forthcoming album Joyride finally has a release date.

It appears Tinashe’s forthcoming album Joyride finally has a release date.

We don’t know for sure.  Genius added it to their list of album release dates under the March 2 section. 

This is plausible. In a recent interview with Beats 1 Radio, Tinashe said the record “has been done done for probably the past only three months.”

“As it’s been evolving – and there have been several reincarnations of the project over the course of it being made – there were times when I thought it was done in the past, and then I was able to challenge myself and try and make better material.”

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T wouldn’t divulge the politics that inhibited her rollout process. Instead, she made lemonade.

“Everything happens really truly for a reason, and even though there were so many pushbacks *seemingly,* so many pushbacks and stuff that I had to overcome to get this project out, it all really truly pushed me to make the songs that are on it now… which I think are way better.”

Why is this important? Because the singer has been trying to release Joyride for literal years. We’re so. close. 

Something tells me March 2nd isn’t a thing, but we’ll see.

Tinashe’s first single off the rollout is “No Drama,” featuring Offset. Watch the music video for that here.

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  1. I hope so. I was confused when her last album wasn’t Joyride (although loving the album so much), I’VE been waiting since the name ‘Joyride’ appeared in my face. It’s definitely going to be lit, and I hope it comes out sooner than later *fingers crossed*

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