Britney shared a photo from the “Make Me” video shoot!


UPDATE: The rumors are true! Britney and G-Eazy filmed the “Make Me” video today:



Word on the street is Britney is filming the music video for “Make Me” on Thursday (June 2) and it might be directed by David LaChapelle.

Last month, it was reported Britney would embark on the video shoot ahead of her Billboard Music Awards performance, but due to supposed production delays, she was forced to push the single off til’ the world ends end of the summer. However, we might get that single treatment sooner than expected.

Right now, it is rumored Britney will begin filming the “Make Me” video, which features rapper G-Eazy, somewhere in the desert and possibly directed by the legendary David LaChapelle.

LaChapelle famously shot Brit’s 1999 Rolling Stone cover with the Teletubby and her iconic 2004 promotional video for the Onyx Hotel Tour television special that aired on Showtime.

Because nothing’s confirmed, do your best at not getting your hopes up. Too late?

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