TRL’s grand finale, airing Sunday November 16th according to, has mysteriously kept a possible Britney appearance very hush hush. No confirmation, yet no denials either.

According to a source close to the music network, Britney and her people are in negotiations to have Britney appear, maybe perform at the show’s grand finale next month.

“Britney and her management have been in talks for her to perform on TRL’s finale on November 16th,” a source revealed exclusively to “MTV and their casting directors have picked the date in November specifically for Britney so she could appear, and co-inside with the album release a few weeks later.”

The source continued to say that Britney is “most likely going to be there,” but it has not been officially set in stone yet, hence why MTV has yet to list her as a confirmed attendee / performer.

I, like MTV, cannot confirm the report I was given is 100% accurate. Britney IS scheduled to fly to New York in early December for her performance on Good Morning America though. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to put the buzz out there.

It makes sense. Afterall, Carson Daly Britney MADE TRL. Think she’ll show?

Stay tuned…

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