Rumor Of The Day

October 24, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Rumor has it Britney’s attending the Lifehouse concert in Las Vegas next month because she’s a fan of the band’s music and wants ideas for her new album, according to a Lifehouse Blog.

The Lifehouse fansite says they emailed Britney’s manager Adam Leber about the rumor. His alleged response:


“There’s nothing official about Britney attending Lifehouse’s concert, but if she goes it will be for inspiration for a ballad for her upcoming album. Britney is a big Lifehouse fan, and no one knows if she’ll attend or not. Sorry for the unclear answer, but I’m sure the paparazzi could clear up the answer next month!”

Interesting idea, but I’m doubting the validity of these claims. Besides, Adam Leber would rather sue a fansite… not respond to them!