OK, this rumor you guys won’t want to cut my balls off for. Tour rumors! YAY.

A tour set design employee wants to first clear one thing up: “There is NO cancellation!” Glad that’s settled.

Next, the set design source revealed an interesting bit of exclusive news!


Britney and Madonna are doing an exclusive scene together!

“It features the song ‘If U Seek Amy’, in which Madonna is the character ‘Amy’ and Britney is running after her. First there will be a video playing and then Britney will come out and sing and then, only in Los Angeles, Madonna will come out for the last part…

It has been negotiated and confirmed. They are set to shoot it by February 10th. Britney has said she is ‘over exited to be coming back to the stage’ and gave her ideas for the sets of many numbers.”

Who’s excited for the touououououour?!

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