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Rumor: Nicki Minaj Is Surprise Releasing Her New Album Tonight

Prepare to be shocked or shook.

Is Nicki Minaj dropping her fourth studio album tonight?

Take this with a grain of salt, but there’s a rumor floating around the Internet at the moment that Nicki is readying to release The Pinkprint followup in a few hours.

Where did this chatter come from? A rapper named Dominique Young Unique said so, so it must be true! “I just got off the phone with @NICKIMINAJ she told me she dropping the Album today,” she wrote on Twitter. “damn sis I need that 2018 Nicki in my life ? #Whatsgood”

I would be SHOOK AND SHOCKED if this is true. Minaj has been holed up in the studio for the last several weeks now. I suppose that could mean she’s in a mad dash to put the finishing touches on it. But it seems highly unlikely the rap superstar would race towards a surprise release like this, especially considering she’ll be going up against a pop giant like Justin Timberlake. It’d also be sus considering Cardi B is snatching Billboard records left and right. The timing is not right, but weirder things have happened.


Love it @casper ?? haven’t slept in daze

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