Rumor: Kevin Federline Breaks Free From Britney

November 19, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Kevin Federline has been labeled with a nickname he hates, Mr. Britney Spears, ever since he walked down the aisle with the world-famous pop star. In the beginning of their relationship he was able to laugh it off, but more recently, it’s really begun to upset Kevin — so much so that it could put his marriage in jeopardy.
Kevin is hoping to make it big on his own in the music industry. Indeed, after hearing Kevin’s first rap single, “Y’all Ain’t Ready,” producer Scott Storch contacted Kevin and is making plans to record with him. “Kevin’s proud of his music and thinks he’ll make millions off of it,” says a friend of his. “He’s trying hard to make his own money.”
For Kevin it’s a dream come true — and not a moment too soon. According to insiders, he and Britney have been fighting more than ever, and some fear they may be on the verge of separation!
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