Katy Perry’s Witness tail, errr… trail blazes on.

Katy Perry’s Witness tail, errr… trail blazes on.

The pop star has had a tough time connecting her music with the masses.

Katy’s latest video for “Roulette” was one of my personal favs from this era, but it did nothing for the song’s chart success. In fact, the singer’s presence has been sorely missed from the Hot 100 for a while now.

Maybe she’ll strike gold with “Tsunami.”

If we are to believe Katy Kat chatter, the track is Katy’s next to get the single treatment. And the video could be mermaid-themed!

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Great, another cutesy tootsie video of Katy Perry as a magical mermaid with rainbow hair riding a dolphin-dog hybrid.’ Yup, I thought the same, but I think in the end would should be thankful Katy hasn’t thrown in the towel and her label still wants to put their coins into her videos. There’s no denying Katy brings her A-game to visuals.

Plus, “Tsunami” should have been made a single a long time ago, so let’s hope this turns up.

See the evidence below:

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  1. The album *****, no video will save this era. She lost her connection with her fans and I believe it started with that short butch hair cut, the weird interviews, and her overall demeanor. She is just sort of annoying now, but she can fix it all. She needs to take a step back, find her inner self and reconnect, and then start a new album.

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