Harris has responded to the claims.

Rumor Has It Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Broke Up

The highest grossing celeb couple may have called it quits.

The rumor mill is on high alert today (Oct. 12) with Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, so take this next report from RadarOnline with a grain of salt. They claim Swift broke things off with Harris about a week ago after a paparazzo got a picture of the superstar DJ leaving a thai massage parlor after a two-hour session on Sep. 12.

They’re implying Swift suspects more went on in in those two hours than a massage.

The Inquistr explains it best:

“They say that you can get services for as little as $40. Calvin Harris can obviously afford to go to a nice spa, so this may explain why Taylor Swift is suspicious. An insider explained that Calvin has his own massage therapist, so it is very confusing why he would end up going there. When she confronted Calvin Harris about going to the massage studio, Taylor Swift was informed that his massage therapist was sick, and he had to have his shoulder worked on. Sources say that Taylor Swift didn’t buy this excuse and broke up with Harris about a week ago. So far, neither Harris nor Swift has spoken about the split. The source even went on to say that Harris wanted to fly out to Swift and fix things, but she had her assistant tell him’“no.'”

Meanwhile, in a report published on HollywoodLife on Saturday (Oct. 10), it claims Swift is planning on giving Calvin Harris his first “real” Thanksgiving.

“Taylor and Calvin are already thinking about spending Thanksgiving together, and they want to do it with her family,” said a source. “She wants to show Calvin what a real American Thanksgiving is like in Nashville, and it’ll be a big family gathering with lots of games being played. Calvin can’t wait because he’s never really experience a proper Thanksgiving like that before.”

When her 1989 tour wraps in December, she apparently wants to spend all her free time with Harris.

“[Taylor] is looking forward to be able to give him more of her time. [Calvin] is not the only reason she wants a break, but he’s a factor. She wants to have more time with him. She wants a work-life balance and, right now, it’s all about her work, which she loves. But when she’s done this tour she wants to devote herself to the other things in her life again, to being with her family, her friends and with Calvin.”

In other news… Swift shared her Vogue Australia cover and it’s stunning. The headlines reads “New Romantic.”

Is heartbreak the national anthem? We hope not.

UPDATE: Harris responded to the claims, saying “It’s not going to be a ‘happy ending’ for everyone I sue for defamation of character for all these ******** stories bye bye.”

Selena Gomez also had a thing or two to say about it. She said in response to the question if her bestie and Harris broke up, saying “What? I don’t know. I think I would have found that out,” Gomez said. “Is that a rumor? Oh gosh, of course. This is honestly so stupid.”