R9 is coming.


I bring sad news. Rihanna herself has since denied the claims. She clarified on a fan’s Instagram account. I saw it with my own two eyes. No new Rihanna. No meaning to life.


Rihanna is reportedly readying a new single titled “Louvre,” and it could arrive sooner than you think.

Rihanna reminded us she’s not just a fashion designer. She’s a singer, REMEMBER?! The “Work” singer dropped back onto the music scene this week when N.E.R.D. tapped Rih for their *** shaker, “Lemon.” Now that she’s quenched our thirst (OMG STILL SO THIRSTY THO), the R9 takeover begins.

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According to the Internet, which is never wrong, Rihanna will put forth a new song named “Louvre” next Monday (Nov. 6). How did this news come about?

The track was posted on Genius.com. It says it’s produced by John Glass (“Kiss It Better”) and Kuk Harrell (“Work”).

“Kiss It Better” was an ANTi highlight, and “Work” was a streaming monster. Combined, they could have something seriously epic in store for us.

John RTed dozens of Tweets mentioning “Louvre” and says there’s even a video for it. After close inspection, it appears the song will be used in Rih’s new advertisement for Dior. Others think Glass is full of it. Meaning, the singer’s ninth studio album is still a ways away. One way or another my interest is piqued.

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