Pop emergency!

If the rumors are true, Kelly Clarkson will unleash two new songs next week.

What kind of epic surprise? The singer has yet to confirm anything about her new era besides a performance on The Today Show next Friday (Sep 8), but we know something’s up.

Word on the street is that Kelly’s lead single off her forthcoming soul-inspired album with Atlantic Records is titled “Love So Soft,” but is she eyeing a double feature? A Polish news site claims “Love So Soft” does indeed impact radio on Sep. 8 as the chatter suggests, but it also lists a second song titled “Move On.”

Here’s a copy + paste from the outlet: “8 września – Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft // Move On”

Now this could mean Kelly wants to follow the current trend of releasing two tracks at once, or perhaps they can’t confirm the song title so it’s either “Love So Soft” or “Move On.” I have trouble believing it’s the same track because of how different the tone is of each name. There’s also speculation the track is titled “Move You” instead.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to know for sure, but it appears two new tracks from Clarkson are on the way!

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