It drops next week! See the single cover.

Demi Lovato Releasing New Single "Cool For The Summer"

Finally, Demi Lovato has a new song in store for us.

Demi Lovato is making a grand return (not that she’s gone anywhere), and it’s happening all at once. On the heels of her recent record label launch announcement alongside Nick Jonas, Lovato is set to release a new song next week and prepares to launch a mobile game app.

The song’s title is “Cool For The Summer” out July 1 and was described by radio jockeys as “sassy” and her best effort yet. If Twitter is any indication, it’s co-written by “Really Don’t Care” songwriter Savan Kotecha, who Tweeted a winky face when Lovato announced details of her upcoming Twitter Q&A with Saturday Night Online last week.

Cool! Pun intended.

If that doesn’t suffice, Lovato will release a “choose your own adventure” story mobile app later this summer as well. In other words, Demi Lovato is taking over the Internet.

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