It appears Christina Aguilera’s sixth studio album has sprung a leak.

It appears Christina Aguilera’s sixth studio album has sprung a leak.

In just 48 hours, more details regarding Xtina’s new record have spilled onto the Internet than in the last couple of years combined. Rebel Heart teas.

It started with a clip of a song titled “*********” leaking. An illegal music selling site got their hands on a clip of the track and released it. A day later, another never-before-heard song/demo of Christina’s titled “Fall In Line” surfaced, but this time it wasn’t a portion of a song… it was the entire thing. And now fans believe they have stumbled upon the album’s entire tracklist, which includes a list of collaborations and album title.


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According to the unverified information posted online (SO TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT), Christina’s new album is titled Liberation, contains 12 tracks, and features Demi Lovato, Anderson .Paak, and Ty Dolla $ign & 2Chainz on the same track.

It’s worth mentioning one of the alleged songs, “Pipe,” says it features TBD (“to be determined”). Fighters are wondering if that’s the highly-anticipated P!nk collaboration.

The release date is said to be May/June.

Christina Aguilera’s rumored Liberation tracklist:
1. Sick Of Sitting
2. Like I Do featuring Anderson .Paak
3. Unless It’s With You
4. Maria
5. Twice
6. *********
7. I Don’t Need It Anymore Interlude
8. Pipe featuring TBD
9. Fall In Line featuring Demi Lovato
10. Deserve
11. Accelerate featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2Chainz
12. Right Moves

What should we make of all of this? The song clips that have leaked thus far sound very promising, which is extremely good news for Xtina considering it’s been six years since she released an album. The music landscape has drastically changed since Lotus. Her biggest challenge with Liberation¬†will be getting the music to connect to audiences the way most of her past material did. Xtina’s immediate problem is not worrying about influence, though. If this tracklist and album title is real, and the rumored release date is indeed May or June, then Legend X may want to seriously consider Plan B: push up the release date as soon as physically possible. At this rate, the album could be on the Internet on day now.

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  1. Honestly, I doubt this is legit! Fall in Line and *********, yes, just not the album title or the rest of the tracklist. Xtina has always given unique and clever names for her albums and besides Lotus, always delivered more than 12 tracks. This might’ve been a diff version that would’ve been released and she felt it wasn’t ready so kept working on it. I def feel like Liberation is not the title and that she’ll deliver more than 12 tracks!

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