You guyssssssssss!

This story sounds like such a load of ****, but I desperately miss writing and updating, so I’m going to report this anyway. Plus, that Starbucks I ordered earlier today gave me a little extra motivation.

According to new reports, BRITNEY is in need of some lovin.

“They kissed in the elevator,” a source says about Britney and a “Circus” tour backup dancer. “He went back to her suite” at the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, Canada, and hooked up again at the afterparty at Tribe Hyperclub last week.

“She sat on his lap and they kissed.”

But is it just a hookup Britney is after? According to OK!, Britney has her eyes set back on her baby daddy, Kevin Federline.

Kevin, who is paid $5000 a week extra to shadow Britney on tour with her kids, is reportedly dating volleyball player Victoria Prince.

Like Britney cares!

Britney wants to rebuild her relationship with Kevin, and is “going so far as fighting to steal him from his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, and trying to make him jealous by flaunting her love affairs in public.”

“She’s giving him a taste of his own medicine.”

“They are seeing each other every day,” a tour source tells OK!. “When Kevin’s had the boys for the day, they greet their mom with hugs and kisses, and their dad fills Britney in on how they spent their time. It’s just like any other family when one of the parents
comes home from work.”

“They have such a complicated history, but Britney has never stopped caring about him,” a Federline family member tells OK!. “Now that she has put most of her problems behind her and is making an impressive concert comeback, she’s feeling like she, Kevin and the boys could have a fresh start.”

Chaotic Part 2?

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