Pop diva Britney Spears and aspiring rapper Kevin Federline have had a series of vicious rows because she’s fed up being stuck at home with new baby Preston while he goes drinking with his pals reports
After a huge fight last week, Kevin stormed out of their Malibu home. He was later spotted in nightclub Mood, surrounded by gorgeous women. My source tells the UK tabloid “They have been rowing non-stop since the baby was born last month. Britney feels Kevin isn’t supporting her and is just going out with friends all the time. She’s had enough of it. “He behaves like he’s got no responsibilities while she is at home caring for their newborn son.” Meanwhile, Britney’s mum Lynn is worried “Kevin has been spending a lot of Britney’s money. He went into partnership with Michael Jackson’s dad Joe to open a dance studio which will cost millions.”

Credit: BritneyExperts

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