Britney Spears has already seen the divorce lawyer. But the beautiful mum wouldn’t want the divorce to actually happen. Apparently, Kevin is giving her no choice.
He makes now his ex Shar Jackson step into the scene. While Britney was at her mother in Louisiana looking for comfort, Kevin remained in town (that is into the town’s nightclubs), where he bumped into Shar one night.
So already upset Brit found out when back home that her hubby had been partying with his ex in her absence.
That must have hurt.
Shar Jackson isn’t making things any easier, by publicly declaring her love for Kevin:
β€œI’m gonna love Kevin forever,” Shar told a reporter. When she was asked if Kevin still loved her, she replied: β€œHe doesn’t have a choice. I got in there. You can’t just get rid of that.”
Things are indeed spicing up.
Add to that Kev’s intentions to buy a house for Shar and their kids, Kori, three, and Kaleb, 16 months, close to the $3.4 million Malibu home he shares with Britney.
For the moment the couple is reportedly living together, but for how long… only time will tell.


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