We’re officially in between Britney eras.

Is Britney’s new lead single dropping sooner than later?


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Perhaps the Britney Army can expect to hear Britney’s new music this summer.

A stan account on Twitter (who’s had a pretty decent record in accuracy) says “the lead is something ELSE” and that it’s “coming sooner than you think.”

See what Exhale is saying about this!

Of course, take this with a grain of salt, but the thirst is real.

Check out the Tweet, then read the original report, below:





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That’s a tough place to be, because the rumors tend to grow at a furious rate – faster than normal! And this time around, there seems to be more than ever.

The Piece Of Me European Festival Tour
Britney IS taking Piece Of Me overseas this year – to Smuk Fest 2018 in Denmark this August, but rumors claim she’ll make her way to several other highly-attended festivals, like the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands. There’s also chatter that the Queen will perform in London, Paris, Dublin and Antwerp some time between June and August.

The Return to Las Vegas
Britney has reportedly inked a new deal to launch a residency in Las Vegas in 2019, this time at the Park Theater inside Monte Carlo.

New music is on the way
That leads us to the latest goss. Glory songwriter Justin Tranter was asked about new Britney music this week, to which he responded “just wait.” That’s a bit of a non-answer, but the Queen will ax you from the final cut if you peep a word. However, The Britney Army has high hopes that means something could come in 2018 – like a new album.

Perhaps there’s a bit of truth to that. Word going around Twitter right now (which means it’s factual information, obviously) says Britney is aiming to release the lead single off her tenth studio album around summer/fall time. One account says Brit will aim for the summer because Team B wants a yeah summer smash on the radio bet I penned it.

She apparently also recorded a song titled “Empress,” had a collab with Justin Bieber in the works and was originally meant to drop new tunes this month. Sure, Jan.

I know it goes without saying, but take all of this with a grain of salt. Actually, just down the entire shaker. We don’t know anything, but I’m not going to lie… I’m super impressed with the fan theories that have been circulating. Here’s to hoping new Britney’s on a mission in 2018!

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7 Responses

  1. If, and that’s a big IF, Britney is releasing an album then perhaps her team should consider a January release to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Baby one more time album. She’ll get tonnes of free publicity in the media riding off of the ‘its been 20 years since Britney’s debut album’ etc.

    A Justin Bieber duet could be perceived as a desperate attempt at #1. I’d prefer her to prove she can still get a hit on her own after numerous features over the past couple of years.

    If they really are planning to release an album then they need to do it right. None of this bare minimum crap we’ve painfully witnessed with both Britney Jean and Glory. We want an innovative release with promotion and 4 singles. If they can’t deliver that then just put out a greatest hits with 2 new singles, the possibility of a deluxe version that includes an unreleased b sides album, and be done with it. #justiceforrebellion

  2. If she really is releasing a new album I hope that everyone involved in the managing of GLORY has been fired and replaced by people who know the music business. GLORY was one of her best albums in 10 years and was handled so poorly with only 2 singles and and and — she hardly performed any of the tracks during her Vegas residency #shamefull

  3. I am hoping for a new Britney album in 2018. Glory had massive potential to be her biggest album to date, however, RCA and Maverick, as well as everyone involved with Britney ****** that up. Sorry, but they did. They focused too much on Vegas, which clearly was what they all thought was the money maker. Instead, they should’ve done more than a singular MTV Video Music Awards performance, and pushed her to do a few more morning and late-night performances. And the slept on two singles when there was potential for more than two; I am hoping that #B10 can pull it out and we get a fulfilling era from her!

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