I hear Britney MIGHT be in Las Vegas.

George Maloof’s new tower at the Palms Hotel is opening up tonight. Britney has attended several dinners with Maloof in the last few weeks, as well as choreography workouts and recording sessions.

Larry Rudolph, Britney’s manager denied the rumors yesterday in a statement to the LVRJ.com: “She’s not here (in Las Vegas) and she’s not coming in. I wouldn’t lie to you.” Maloof also denied the rumors, saying “Britney and I have been friends for a long time. I’ve been seeing her as a friend. We haven’t spoken about business,” to LAtimes.com.

Lots of media and celebrities are already at The Palms anticipating the grand opening. We’ll see. Stay tuned…

– BreatheHeavy.com

UPDATE: Just got word that Britney is NOT in Vegas. B girl decided to stay in Los Angeles. Don’t shoot the messenger — always next time!

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