More speculation that Britney may in fact change labels. Yesterday the big rumor was Britney changing from JIVE to Geffen. Today’s a whole new basketball game. is reporting that Britney may switch to Maloof Music, owned by George Maloof – owner of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings.

“Maloof Music already has a reputation for being particularly starlet-friendly,” reports X17. “And it does seem like Britney’s meetings with the Maloofs got her extra-motivated to get working on her album – don’t forget, the very next day after meeting with George we caught her going to the studio!

And the kicker? The Maloofs may own Maloof Productions – but all the records they put out get distributed through David Geffen’s Interscope label!

Of course, all of this is still pure speculation at the moment, although the continuing silence of folks like Jive/Zomba and Larry Rudolph does lead us to believe that important moves are being made behind the scenes.”

Another day another drama. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. As usual…

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