Beyonce Accidentally Announced The ‘On The Run 2’ Joint Tour With JAY Z

Beyonce’s Facebook page and Ticketmaster confirmed an upcoming show date.

Beyonce and JAY Z’s joint tour is all but confirmed.


Beyonce’s official Facebook page and Ticketmaster both revealed the tour is called the On The Run 2 Tour, and also shared an upcoming date, July 30 at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. The pre-sale reportedly begins March 6.

Facebook and Ticketmaster have since pulled the listings, but the Internet is forever.

It’s only a matter of time until we get an official announcement with dates. Continue reading below.


Another rumor, this time from a separate source, claims Beyonce and JAY Z are not only readying a joint tour, but a joint album as well.

JAY confirmed such a thing exists in a 2017 interview with the New York Times. He explained why they decided to shelve it – Beyonce was focused on finishing Lemonade instead. Read more about that here.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see, but Beyonce is currently rehearsing for Coachella. She’s definitely got something up her sleeve.



Earlier today, this link on pulled up a search result for Beyonce & JAY-Z Tour tickets. In the time since, the page was pulled down.

In context to the post below, this is very suspect.




Are Beyonce and JAY-Z going On The Run again? The rumor originated from Ebro In The Morning co-host Laura Stylez, who says she heard from a friend’s friend’s friend that the power couple will announce the joint tour at some point during the NBA All-Star Weekend, which takes place Feb. 16th through the 18th.

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Last November, JAY-Z confirmed he and Bey did have a joint album in the works at one point, but it was scrapped because she was heavily focused on finishing Lemonade.

What does this mean? They potentially have new material to promote on a supposed collaborative run.

Why am I not buying this? Beyonce is gearing up for Coachella. I can’t imagine she would be bothered to co-create two shows right now. Then again, B is always full of surprises! Take all my money Queen.

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