Hold your breath, BreatheHeavy readers!

Many speculate Britney will release a single in August, and an album launching this fall. UNTRUE, according to a music industry insider who emailed BreatheHeavy with details. In fact, they claim the album isn’t even near completion!


“There are a lot of people at Britney’s label who are concerned about the new album rumors. They do not want fans to get their hopes up for something that is not happening. One fan site in particular who is advertising a video about a “secret” they feel has gone a little too far. I have read on several sites names of “first singles” and “album names” – the truth is that there is no new album scheduled for anytime this year, nor is there any plans in the next 6 months to release a new single.

From what I have heard, Britney is only in the studio “experimenting.” That is the extent of her recording sessions right now. I read on another site that 8 tracks have been completed, that is complete BS. It is however, VERY TRUE that “the people working on material for Britney are NOT talking about it.” The ones who are talking – when they submit material to be reviewed/considered, the plan is to trash whatever they send in. They [Jive] want to surprise the fans with the new album and when people come out and start talking it’s a huge turn off to both Britney and the people at the label working on the project. So the ones who are talking about something they have no clue what they’re talking about are only shooting themselves in the foot in the long run. It is true that some of the people talking WERE contacted about 6 months ago to start working on and submitting new material, when they were contacted they were SPECIFICALLY told not to talk about anything in regards to Britney. And now, Britney will not work with these few big mouthed individuals, even though she has worked with 1 in particular in the past.

The only info I can give you in regards to new material, is that there has been a meeting, and the planned release at this point is for first quarter 2012, however, if the material is submitted prior to the end of spring 2011, it is possible you could see a 4th quarter 2011 album release and the first single sometime before the end of summer 2011. So we are still AT LEAST 1 year away before any talk of a new single should actually be considered legitimate.

Jive would never, ever make an announcement of a new single just a few weeks prior to it’s release. That would be a very stupid move by today’s industry standards. They want hype around Britney and anything she releases. You would know at least several months ahead of new material being released.

Bottom line: No new single in September, no new album this year or anytime early next year. Britney is taking a little time off, which she both has earned and deserves.

Sorry to disappoint – but waiting will be well worth it, of that I am sure. Please do your best to avoid being part of this huge rumor mill.”

Take with a grain of salt – you know how sneaky her team is!

Image: x17online.com

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