The BreatheHeavy Community is a safe-space for stans of pop music and pop stars to speak their minds, connect with one another and share updates about their favs.

Because stan-culture is inherently passionate, we’d like to make it clear that the BreatheHeavy Community will not stand for comments or posts that are derogatory, racist, bigoted or mean-spirited.

Rules On General Posting:

Posts that include racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic content are prohibited. The freedom of speech concept does not mean freedom of consequence.

Do NOT spread any download/file sharing links.

Excessive bumping of old threads may result in suspension.

When posting gifs that are NOT provided as emoticons please remember that it is 3 gifs per post MAXIMUM. Failure to comply to this may result in suspension.

Rules Concerning Inappropriate Content:

Posting or linking to *********** and/or ****** is strictly forbidden. Breaking this rule may result in permanent suspension with our warning.

The above also applies to avatars, usernames and user descriptions. Any member who creates a thread or post that contains sexually explicit content (text included) may be penalised.

When posting pictures and gifs on the site please try not to include those that are taken from *** scenes nor ones that emulate sexual acts.

Quoting such posts is seen as bad as posting them and all may result in suspension. If you see these posts, please report them.

Rules On Dealing With The Staff:

The staff are members who dedicate their time to moderate the forum. They are here to preserve order and help you if you are in need. If your topic/post has been edited or deleted by a member of staff, respect that and do not tamper with it or instigate drama after the fact.

Those who are disrespectful towards the staff and/or website may be penalised.

When dealing with staff, it should be noted that harassing them with an issue by following them across the forum, tagging them, and/or messaging them incessantly is unacceptable behaviour. If you are facing any kind of problem, send a private message to the administration team to discuss it, rather than air out your dirty laundry in public.

Rules On Reporting:

While it is encouraged to report any rule breaker within reason, try not to misuse the report feature. Do not report anything unless it is actually worth reporting – this includes (but is not limited to) topics that have already been locked.

In short, the following is what is deemed worth reporting by the team:

Bear in mind that the administration staff are people. Please think before reporting. Any members who report staff or tend to abuse this function may be suspended.