“Sam Lutfi’s spokesperson, Michael Sands, is set to be deposed tomorrow — not as a representative of Sam but as the former spokesperson for Kevin Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. He’s being put under oath in connection with KFed’s custody suit.

Brit’s former attorneys Trope & Trope subpoenaed Sands in hopes of getting some dirt on Kaplan and some inside scoop on the way Kevin’s custody case is being run. And it looks like they’ll get it! (Attorney Stacy Phillips will be handling the case now.)

Sands says he’s privy to LOTS of juicy details; he told X17online exclusive, the following:


“I’ll have to reveal the name of the person who told me Sam Lufti was a drug dealer and that I should plant that he was a drug dealer in the media. There were two people who witnessed this and I’ll have to say who they are…

“I’ll also have to reveal the name of the person who told me, after I’d been
subpoenaed — I’d already picked up the subpoena from my post office box — to actually take the subpoena back to the post office and put it back in the box. I was told to pretend I’d never got it.”

Britney IS set to testify on March 17th in favor of dropping the restraining order against Sam, we hear.”

Stay tuned…

Source: x17online.com

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