Rose McGowan Debuts Uncomfortable, Brilliant Visual For “RM486‬”

September 22, 2015 By Jordan Miller

McGowan says the characters in the video are “all are pieces that make up my whole.”

Rose McGowan Debuts Uncomfortable, Brilliant Visual For "RM486‬"

Rose McGowan unleashed a head-turning NSFW music video for a song titled “RM486‬.”

McGowan enlisted the help of director Jonas Åkerlund (Britney Spears, Lady Gaga) to help her translate five characters that represent an extension of herself.

The song itself is a dreamy climb using pianos and a turbulent synth sound to assist her sombre vocals.

She said of the various entities via Rolling Stone: The first character in the visual is the alien creature, representing her purest self. The “Dark Beauty” is a challenge to preconceived standards of beauty and misconceptions about her “goth phase,” while “Green Hair Hollywood” channels the “agitated glamor” the spotlight has inspired. The spikes of “Needles” represent McGowan’s “armor and shield,” but she’s also prone to attack as “Red Glitter Bomb.” McGowan finally presents herself as “Art,” the most powerful and raw version of her self.

“All five characters in the video are versions of me,” McGowan said of the video on its YouTube page. “All are pieces that make up my whole — an artist, a public figure, and most importantly, as a person. I’m pushing back at the idea of what I am supposed to be. I want to expose people to art in a real way, and I want to change the idea of what beauty is. There is true power in art and true power in we who believe in it.”

McGowan adds she’s been releasing music for years now.

“In the last few years I’ve actually released some songs under different names, just me pranking the public,” McGowan told Nowness. “I woke up one day and realized I hated acting and that I’d always hated it. Imagine, its predominantly men whose scripts get done so it was mostly a male voice coming out of my mouth for 15 years.”

Watch it here:

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