For months I have openly stated my opinions on this conservatorship, and have received more backlash then I could have ever imagined. And I understand; her fans only want the best for Britney, thinking this conservatorship is beneficial for Britney’s safety. But it is not. Fortunately, Jenny Eliscu, the writer of Britney’s recent Rolling Stone article, has seen the other side many fans and followers have not, agreeing that this conservatorship has gone too far.

Eliscu was recently interviewed about Britney and her experiences meeting up with the popstar in the recent months, but more specifically, detailed her thoughts on this conservatorship in an objective, respectable manner.

Eliscu has known Britney for many years, first meeting back in the summer of 2001 at Britney’s home in Los Angeles. Eliscu says the biggest difference between the Britney then versus the Britney now is “the experience,” obviously due to the conservatorship run by her father Jamie Spears.


I had started to feel uncomfortable with all the restrictions, like submitting my questions for approval and not being left alone with her,” Eliscu said in her new interview. “And whenever I asked who was making these rules, I was told it had to do with the conservatorship. Like most people I didn’t know much about conservatorships or how they’re supposed to work… I had done some preliminary research into it, but I was not yet aware how hard Britney had tried to fight it initially and why. As my research progressed, it started to become clear to me that this might not be something that should still be in place. Because it is designed, ideally, to protect people who are seriously ill. We’re talking about people who are non compus mentis, according to the lawyers I consulted. Or they’re in a vegetative state. Or they’re just so old that they can’t take care of themselves anymore. But Britney? It was making less and less sense as time went on.

It wasn’t until after my last meeting with her that I realized how far beyond the scope of my interview this level of control extended into all facets of her life… In hindsight, I did have a new understanding of the quote of hers at the end of the story, which is the last thing she said to me, in the context of being interviewed. She was describing this song she wrote about artistic expression and masquerade – pretending to be other people and putting on shows. And she says, “Through this you create your world.” The song is about a girl who likes to live in a world of make-believe, and she’s got all these people trying to come into her world that she didn’t invite in. It’s pretty telling. When you think about it, Britney Spears is an artist – a pop artist, in the truest sense – and sometimes artists do crazy things. I’m not sure why Britney isn’t allowed to act out in the ways that we normally consider acceptable from artists. And we’re guilty too because we created this Britney Spears character and we won’t let her change.

Eliscu continues to describe the conservatorship as detrimental, claiming it is a serious issue that continues to severely stress Britney emotionally.

It’s a problem for her now,” Eliscu states. “And the commissioner recently granted their request to make it permanent. If something doesn’t change – if somebody doesn’t contest it – it would theoretically remain in effect until her father dies. So far, Britney has failed in her attempts to hire her own lawyer.

As for why Eliscu thinks the conservatorship was enforced to begin with? The simple fact that Britney, for a short period, acted reckless and erratic. But to permanently punish someone for life?

One credible theory goes that the conservatorship manages to remain in effect due to political pressure on the courts to keep Britney off the streets. Her reckless behavior definitely was a problem for tax-paying Los Angelenos, who deserve to be able to drive their roads without fear of being run down by a Britney-led paparazzi chase, you know?

She was creating mayhem, and it’s fair to consider the impact on her neighbors and community. But I also think it’s important for conservatorship to be manipulated into a form of censorship. As Britney herself notes in that documentary, the punishment for her antics ought to fit the crime. At this point, it’s like we’re punishing her for acting shamlessly. and for being tacky. And this is America! If Britney is famous for acting tacky, we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.

This conservatorship, as it is now, will ultimately be Britney’s demise. She can tour around the world and perform and make appearances for fans, but can’t drive on her own or maintain any sort of independence?

Fortunately, the world is waking up and can see this situation is extremely unhealthy.

I hope.

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