Robyn’s remix project gets off to an indestructible start.


Robyn’s remix project gets off to an indestructible start.

Robyn jumped on Metronomy’s new song “Hang Me Out To Dry” which premiered earlier this week, but the Swedish singer is mostly focused on re-working past material rather than putting forth new music. She promised to release two new remixes every Friday, which she’s been performing at recent music festivals, but one of them glitchy bombs lands online a day early.

The latest is for “Love Kills” from 2010’s Body Talk, which gets a bouncy house transformation from American DJ Harry “Choo Choo” Romero.

“Remixes make me listen to a song in a different way; they stretch you out as a listener and leave space for other things that a pop song usually doesn’t,” Robyn said in a statement announcing the remix project. Nine lucky producers received the OK from Robyn to remix her songs – last week she released “Don’t F—king Tell Me What to Do” and “Hang With Me.” Tomorrow, she’ll release the “Love Kills” remix along, which premiered on EW today, with the Black Madonna remix of “Indestructible.”


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