What Did I Just Watch? Robyn Debuts Video For Synth-Pop Masterpiece “Honey”

December 5, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Robyn put forth a dizzying music video for album title track, “Honey.”

The Swedish pop sensation’s new visual finds the singer dancing in slow motion with her fans. If you were expecting the “Honey” video to include a storyline, or make any sense at all, I’m sorry to disappoint. 

“I was amazed by the warmth and open spirit of the cast,” Robyn said via social media. “It was lovely to dance with them during the shoot, the energy was so cool. [The director, Max Vitali] and I both wanted this video to feel loose and free and I was just so impressed of how everyone who came to be a part of the shoot just got it and gave it their all.” She also says this video is for “everyone who found a piece of heaven on the dance floor.”

The song itself is certainly a mood, but I’m not convinced I’ll ever watch this clip again. However, I WILL get wasted to it at the gay club. You know… finding heaven and all.

Watch below:


Robyn unleashed her album title track, “Honey.”

The electro-tinged bedroom banger is officially available to stream, and it’s gorgeous. 

On it, Robyn entices a SO to let her in, because she’s got that sweet, sweet honey. Oh my!

“No, you’re not gonna get what you need / But baby, I have what you want,” she sings over an intoxicating beat and pulsating production.

“Come get your honey, / And the waves come in, and they’re golden / But down in the deep, the honey is sweeter.”

“It’s not produced or written as a normal pop song,” Robyn said in a statement. “It is totally based on this idea of club music. When you’re listening to club music, there’s no reward. The reward isn’t, ‘Oh, here’s the chorus, here’s the lyric that makes sense.’ You have to enjoy what it is. You have to enjoy that there’s no conclusion.”

Glug glug glug.

Listen to the new tune below:




Robyn Shares The ‘Honey’ Tracklist

The pop star has been hard at work on her personal new music for quite some time. The singer returned last month with her lead single, “Missing U,” a twinkly, electro-synth pop bop. It’ll land on her forthcoming record out October 26.

It’s worth mentioning Robyn premiered the album title track in an episode of Girls in March of 2017.

“I’m on the set for my first music video for this album, and I just wanted to tell you in person that it’s going to be out really soon,” Robyn said in a video message to fans. “It’s called Honey and it will be released on the 26th of October, and I really can’t wait for you to hear it!



She added: “It’s a personal album and there’s so many things that have happened throughout making it that it just really hard for me to explain it in one go. I think maybe the best way is for your to listen to it. I’m so happy that it’s finally done.”

First Sweetener, now Honey… pop music is giving me so many cavities.

Peep the announcement and Honey tracklist below:



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My new album Honey will be released on the 26th of October, link in bio to sign up to pre-order and pre-save

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