More drama unfolds as Jamie Spears remains in total control.

BreatheHeavy was the first to report the shocking news that tour director Wade Robson and lead choreographer Andre Fuentes suddenly quit with no explanation, but according to new reports, we may now know why.

Robson and Fuentes reportedly quit due to Jamie’s “micromanagement, rules, curfews, drug tests, and over controlling nature,” insiders reveal in the latest edition of the National Enquirer. Hey, they’ve been pretty accurate lately! Besides the alien baby stories…

“Jamie Spears is getting a reputation as a stage dad,” revealed a source. “It’s embarrassing for Britney.”

Jamie Spears was recently awarded an additional $6000 a month on top of the current $10,000 he previously received “to reflect all the additional work Jamie did — which includes planning her tour for next year,” as well as “for services he rendered prior to the time the conservatorship was established.” Since when does Jamie Spears, whose restaurant went out of business several years back, know anything about tours and management?

An inside source has revealed to that Jamie is doing his best to hide his ways, saying: “Larry as well as Jamie are trying EVERYTHING in their power to cover up the truth about Britney’s health and readiness.”

Can’t hide it forever…

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