Despite calling it “dreadful” on Twitter not five days before hand.pretty-girls-robots-with-rayguns-remix


Robots With Rayguns clarified his comments regarding “Pretty Girls” on Twitter.

Robots With Rayguns has made a series of bizarre choices which appear to have culminated in an average “Pretty Girls” remix.

After throwing some pretty savage shade at Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea last week, Robots With Rayguns has done an about turn and produced a remix for the duo’s collaboration “Pretty Girls” despite labelling the original track “so dreadful”. Okay.

For those of you who don’t know, Robots With Rayguns is a Pheonix based DJ who’s produced some pretty stunning Britney remixes in the past, including one of the best interpretations of 2011’s “Hold It Against Me”. Naturally fans were curious as to whether he’d turn his hand to Spears’ latest effort and were subsequently a little confused by RWR’s response:


What’s undoubtedly even more confusing is that despite his supposed disdain for the song, a Robots with Rayguns remix has surfaced online. What prompted the change of heart is unapparent, but you can hear the evidence for yourself:

Although Robots says that listening to the song over and over again wasn’t working for him, he might’ve listened to it one more time because his remix isn’t very inspired. Placing the track over an outdated synth laden instrumental and barely altering the structure or beat of The Invisible Men’s original production, this remix isn’t really anything to write home about.

Now what “Pretty Girls” really needs is a Monsieur Adi overhaul after his triumphant rendition of “Work *****”.

What do you think of Robots with Rayguns take on “Pretty Girls”?