“The necklace that Britney is wearing in the Allure photo is one of my silver archive pieces that I resurrected for Donna Karan’s Spring 2005 runway show.

It was originally made in 1973, sold and I made a reproduction for this DK show after Donna saw my book and loved the look of all the archival jewelry I did from that era. There is a very constructivist, hand wrought feeling that worked with her theme of Spring 05, with lots of detailed couture-like sewing and stitching and wrapping.

This necklace was not sold to Britney’s husband, but instead is in the Donna Karan shop right now on sale for $6,500. I called the piece the “Art Nouveau Pectoral” necklace as it is very inspired by the whiplash designs in that art movement.”

I realise tnat this is old news… sorry. Today seems to be a slow news day, so I had to post something (at least within this week) that was about Britney. Anyways, so if you already know this :tongue:.

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