Robbie Williams’s new album is available to stream now.

Robbie Williams’s new album The Heavy Entertainment Show is available to stream now.

The British pop star is stripping down for Attitude magazine and touching on all the major components of living life in the fast lane: ***, drugs and rock & roll.

On ***: “*** addiction does exist — it does. It totally does,” he says. “Slowly it is happening. People talking about *** addiction will become commonplace and normalised because it should be.”

On the downsides to fame: “I’m not prepared emotionally for the job that I do,” he explained. “Being so public and being so big, I don’t have the ability to protect myself from the words and the shame. It hurts.”

On drinking: “I’m surrounded by people who can drink or take drugs safely. I used to be confused about it but not now.”

Oh yea, he has an album out, too which you can stream below:

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