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Robbie Williams is a seasoned veteran in the music game, and it appears his biggest competition is… himself. The pop star revealed today (Sep. 26) his eleventh studio album Heavy Entertainment Show drops Nov. 4, and it will feature collaborations from Ed Sheeran (“Pretty Woman”), John Grant, Rufus Wainwright, Guy Chambers and The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers (“Mixed Signals”).

“It’s been a process of three years, some of these songs that have been on the album I’ve had three years ago, and I’ve had on my computer and I’ve been very excited about them and the new ones have taken their place and then the old ones have gone, and then the old ones come back up, the new ones…it’s just a process that’s been years in the making,” Williams said.

On the album title, Williams says he was “was musing over the phrase ‘light entertainment’ – all the huge TV shows from when I was a kid, 30 million people watching them, this huge shared experience of these moments called light entertainment.”

He added: “Sometimes it can be levelled at people in a bad way, but for me that’s heavy entertainment. That’s what I’m hoping to do with this album – to have a shared experience with millions of people through the medium of light entertainment…but on ********.”

Williams released the album title track today, a larger-than-life (albeit slightly sleepy) cut that finds the British crooner boasting about his ludicrous life: “I’ve got a house in L.A., I’m still paying for it,” he sings. “I’m about to strip and you’re my pole.”

He also likely shot the music video last month.

Standard edition:

1. Heavy Entertainment Show
2. Party Like A Russian
3. Mixed Signals
4. Love My Life
5. ************
6. Bruce Lee
7. Sensitive
8. David’s Song
9. Pretty Woman
10. Hotel Crazy (Featuring Rufus Wainwright)
11. Sensational

Deluxe edition:

12. When You Know
13. Time on Earth
14. I Don’t Want To Hurt You (Duet With John Grant)
15. Best Intentions
16. Marry Me

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