The Los Angeles Police Department was called to the Beverly Hills home of Britney Spears Friday after her parents discovered valuable possessions belonging to the singer were missing, a source close to the singer tells

After Spears’ father Jamie won legal control over his daughter at an emergency hearing Friday, he and ex-wife Lynne returned to the house “shocked” to find valuable items of their daughter’s “had been stolen,” the source says.

They called police and filed a report.

Spears’ parents believe that items were taken after their daughter was taken to the UCLA Medical Center early Thursday morning.

Los Angeles Police officer Alex Martinez confirmed to Us that police had responded to a call at Spears’ house, but did not know what had transpired.

“The report is being processed through our system,” he said. “We do not have access to it.”

At Friday’s hearing, Jamie won temporary legal control over his daughter. He also has full control of her residence and can legally remove anyone who is staying there until the next hearing, on Monday.

A 21-day civil harassment restraining order was also granted against Sam Lutfi, who has been accusing Jamie and Lynne of poor parenting.


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