Welcome back, Rita.

Welcome back, Rita Ora.

If you’ve been following Ora’s musical career, you’re probably feeling so, so relieved right now. The British pop star has faced an uphill battle to release new music several years back following her split with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. They recorded a heap of material together way back when, but after a bitter fallout, the producer barred her from performing any of their past work that he owned the rights to. That included arguably her biggest hit to date, “I Will Never Let You Down,” and any of the newer works.

Fortunately, the British pop star is back on track. She and Harris reportedly buried the hatchet, and she’s focusing on her forthcoming LP. The first taste of which is out today (May 25). It’s titled “Your Song.” On it, Ora sings about being tired of singing about bad vibes because she’s in love. Musical inception.

“Don’t want to sing mad songs anymore,” Ora croons over dreamy electro pulses and chanting snaps. “Only want to sing your song / Cause your song’s got me feeling like that.”

Unfortunately, we waited too long for Rita’s return and “Your Song” just doesn’t do it for me. After a couple of years off the musical grid, I expected to be blown away. Maybe it’s a grower? And on a side note: the production is giving me major “Sissy That Walk” vibes. Give it a listen below (available to stream beginning at midnight EST):

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