Ora says she wishes it could come out this year, but…

Rita Ora's Delaying Her Album... Again

Don’t expect a new studio LP from Rita Ora until 2016.

In July 2014, Ora told BreatheHeavy.com her album was “out in September,” adding “we’re actually very close to it being done.”

Ora pushed back her album last year reportedly because then-boyfriend Calvin Harris barred her from using any material he helped her create. She told us to expect new collaborations with Prince, Diplo and DJ Mustard.

Rita Ora Sings Her Ed Sheeran Collaboration “Us”

Here we are in October 2015 and still no sign of the record, despite recently releasing a single titled “Body On Me” featuring Chris Brown.

It appears her album, once again, is getting shelved and rescheduled to some time in 2016.

“I was wishing it would come out this year, but realistically it’s not,” Ora says in a new interview with the Standard. “Physically I wouldn’t be able to achieve the success I want with the (X Factor) contestants and the album, so I’m going to do it one at a time.”

Rita Ora Performs “Body On Me” with Chris Brown

Ora added she worries her love life outshines her music.

“The work is forgotten overnight if you’re seen with a person or something like that. It’s more like, ‘Give me the respect that I deserve as a hard-working independent female,’” she says.

“That’s really the bottom line of it. The mental capacity that people have — don’t fill it with nonsense. Again, maybe I just need to have no personal life. I do feel like, as a female, we do have more challenges to deal with.”

We fear the longer Ora waits, the more her personal life will be outshine her work. Give us something else to talk about.