Listen to the mid-tempo song from her first tour show.

Rita Ora Sings Her Ed Sheeran Collaboration "Us": Watch

Rita Ora performed a new song that features Ed Sheeran.

Rita Ora kicked off her Body On Me US Tour in San Fransisco on Tuesday (Aug. 25), and sang her new Ed Sheeran-penned song “Us.” Ora tells Rap-Up today the song is “incredible.”

“The record that I have with Ed, he’s not featured on, he just wrote. It’s called ’Us’ and for me, it’s one of the most sweetest, heartwarming, incredible love songs-slash-reality that I’ve ever heard,” she said. “And it kinda makes me think, ‘Thank God that someone wrote that in a song.’”

She adds the song perfectly fits the “hip-hop to R&B to soul” sound of her album.

“It’s about expressing my sexuality, expressing my independence as a female, being really honest with my past,” she said.

“I did this incredibly beautiful song with Ed about our friendship; he’s one of my best friends,” Ora said in a separate interview with Noisey. “It’s amazing having a friend in this industry of the opposite *** that you haven’t hooked up with. He’s such a legend. I respect him in so many ways.”

Watch her performance here:

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