Rita Ora Says She'll Never Let Us Down, But...

That’s gotta sting.

Rita Ora Tweeted today she’d release her new single on Monday if that particular Tweet was RT-ed 100,000 times.

Rita Ora Is More Trick Than Treat

After a few hours and only 2,000 RTs later, Ora deleted it.

Some fans wondered if the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer was just teasing.

One said, “So we’re not getting [the] new single?” Another added: “Will you release the new single even if we don’t reach the target? I think you’re just teasing us.”

Ora told BreatheHeavy.com back in July her album is “kind of like the white girl going hood.”

Guess we’ll have to wait til’ Monday to find out! What do you think of this? Besides being an utter mess of a situation…