Ora films a new “Poison” music video, this time with Krept & Konan.

Rita Ora Re-releases "Poison" Music Video With Krept & Konan

Rita Ora films a second music video for “Poison.”

Though she began recently promoting “Kingdom Come” off her upcoming record, Rita Ora isn’t quite ready to abandon her lead single “Poison” yet. Ora debuted the remix by ZDot featuring South London’s hip-hop duo Krept & Konan last month before releasing an accompanying music video today (July 7).

The Vicky Lawton-directed visual is a splicey blur of cuts and dizzying camera panning as Ora, Krept & Konan give their best attempt at giving face.

I advise taking an Advil before viewing (her live Hunger TV sessions version of the song follows):

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