Check out the video for Rita Ora’s latest single.


Rita Ora ups her game with the music video for “Poison”.

Let’s be honest, Rita Ora has had a messy, messy year. Between the endless delays of her second studio album, her famous ex-boyfriends publicly dragging her and a stint as a coach on The Voice UK which was met with a very mixed reception, she isn’t doing the best job of giving her fledgling career the push it so badly needs.

Imagine our shock then when the visual for her new single “Poison” (which remains inexplicably basic) turns out to be a genuinely interesting affair.

Side note: the opening sequence was shot a street away from where I grew up, which feels a little like a personal attack.

It’s a plot driven piece which follows Rita’s rise to modelling infamy with an extraordinarily unnerving blonde man. The first three minutes are a little heavy handed, albeit well conceptualized, but it’s the twist in the final section that lifts the clip from good to excellent.

Having said that, a decent video can’t save an extremely average song, and whilst “Poison” is listenable and certainly has the potential to be a grower, it isn’t the triumphant return that Rita was no doubt aiming for. It’ll be interesting to see where the song lands on the UK Top 40 this weekend, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for another number one entry.

What do you think of the video for “Poison”?