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Rita Ora Performs New Song "Kingdom Come"

Rita Ora debuts her new song “Kingdom Come” with a performance on BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

Typically, artists release a song on their official Vevo channel (or TIDAL, if you’re Rihanna, Nicki Minaj or Beyonce) then promote it with a live performance. Not Ora, she’s looking to take music by storm starting with her release of her much-anticipated(?) lead single “Poison,” and her latest promotional song titled “Kingdom Come.”

Rumor has it Ora’s collaborating with Madonna, and it appears she’s already taken a page from the Queen’s style. Ora sits upon a royal thrown for most of the performance, sits up momentarily for the louder notes, then walks down a flight of stairs to finish. We appreciate consistency with her theme, but it’ll be many years and even more albums before we can approve without disdain. Check it out below:

Via Ultimate Music

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