Check out their steamy performance on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

Rita Ora Premieres "Body On Me" Video Featuring Chris Brown

Rita Ora and Chris Brown tore up the Jimmy Kimmel Show with new single “Body On Me.”

Ora and Brown joined forces for a sexually charged debut performance of their current collaboration on last night (Sept 8)’s Jimmy Kimmel Show. Strutting all over the studio, the British born Kosovon singer proved that she has both the pipes and the curves, looking and sounding top notch. Despite not having a huge number of US hits (read: any US hits) under her belt, Rita carries herself like a star and gave an extremely competent performance.

Chris Brown has been ruffling a fair few feathers recently (what else is new), but he sounded good and there was certainly some sexual tension on stage. Having said that, Rita quite rightfully demanded the full spotlight, not being outshone by Brown and his considerable amount more experience.

What do you think of Rita Ora and Chris Brown’s first on stage rendez-vous?