Rita Ora Is The Millionth Female Celebrity Commenting On Feminism

2014 started many trends: the Ice Bucket Challenge, bending iPhones, selfie sticks – but one trend that may continue through 2015 is making sure we know exactly how every famous woman on Earth feels about feminism.

Just a few days after Big Bang Theory actress Kayley Cuoco placed her foot firmly in her mouth by claiming she’s not feminist because she’s never personally experienced sexism, Rita Ora opens up about it. She tells The Mirror:

“I think people take the word feminist really seriously and I think people are scared to use that word. In this industry, all the heads of labels are men.

Thankfully Ora, who’s joining the The Voice UK as the only female judge on the panel, seems to have a much clearer understanding of feminism, as well as how gender roles within the entertainment industry affect women.

“Without pulling the whole female card, I think it has always been harder for females in all aspects.”

“Whenever we have an opinion it always seems to be taken out of proportion.”

“As a woman in this industry it has always been a bit about proving yourself, so I’m proud to be on a panel with such successful men.”

The star, who was forced to undergo a makeover for her upcoming film debut in 50 Shades of Grey after fans made fun of her appearance (so nasty and so rude), also stressed the importance and value of female friendship.

“But every artist has to prove ­themselves, regardless of their ***. I have always been very vocal about the women sticking together. That’s my opinion.”

Preach, sista!

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Are YOU a feminist?