Rita Ora Is Grateful

Rita Ora’s grateful for the sucky things in life.

Rita premiered her song for the romantic drama “Beyond the Lights” today to help those struggling with Hump Day. No, really it’s about being grateful for the tough times so you can appreciate the better ones.

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The song’s written by Diane Warren, who tells Billboard:

“Gina Prince-Bythewood (Beyond the Lights director) made an amazing movie that shows what really goes on beyond the lights of fame. I am so happy she had me write this song. I’m so proud of it and Rita Ora did an amazing vocal. I think it can be a career song for her. It shows a whole different side to her and I’m hoping we get to hear it all over the radio and see her sing it on the Oscars next year!”

Notably lyrics:

“I’m grateful for the storm / made me appreciate the sun / I’m grateful for the wrong one / Made me appreciate the right one / I’m grateful for the pain / For everything that made me brave”

Listen to it here: