Sometimes in life we need a change. We need to let go of the person we were before to become the person we want to be. This describes ex-Pussycat Dolls band member, Kaya Jones, who performed three songs off her new album, appropriate titled “Rise Of The Phoenix,” at Liaison nightclub in Las Vegas Saturday night.

I caught up with the lady in red that night to talk about her music, venturing away from the Pussycat Dolls to become a solo artist, her opinion on Britney Spears and more.

The interview went like this:

“We’re launching my tour ‘Rise of the Phoenix,’ Kaya tells me during our interview in front of Victor Drai’s new LGBT nightclub, “and it’s my hometown… Vegas!”

“‘Rise of the Phoenix’ is actually the first single that’s going to be coming,” she continues. “‘Rise of the Phoenix’ is like you kind of have to kill yourself in order to be reborn, and not be afraid to do that (not literally)… For me, it’s like the death of the blonde, the Pussycat Doll…”

Her Phoenix moment in life lead her to exactly where she is today – leaving the girl band group to focus on writing and singing on her own.

Rise BreatheHeavy, Rise! Interview With Kaya Jones Is Fire

Kaya, who mentions she’d like to work with the somewhat controversial rapper, Azealia Banks, takes a page straight from her playbook with her song, “Stereo.” It’s about girls being “whores to the game,” as she puts it. In other words, it’s her dig at the Pussycat Dolls (AKA Nicole Scherzinger?) who conform to what the industry wants of you to achieve fame.

“The girls that I know that know me that know that I know… they know who I’m talking about.”

When I asked if that slightly confusing statement had anything to do with the Pussycat Dolls, Kaya said “it could.”

A pop star that Kaya doesn’t have beef with? Britney Spears. She performed with Brit Brit at a show back in her Doll days, and says she was nothing but a superstar.

“I love her… she’s professional. She morphed in less than three seconds,” Kaya says about the show she performed with Britney. “Literally she was like ‘it’s Britney, *****.’ She lost like 10 pounds, she got skinny and fabulous. She was like ‘I’m so nervous, y’all!’ And then that [nervousness] was gone.”

Kaya’s next step in music is an EDM fusion show based in Las Vegas featuring multiple artists and DJs.

But she couldn’t have made it this far without the support from her followers.

“I love you, and without you I’d be nothing,” Kaya says to her fans. “You are the most creative people I know, so I enjoy everything that you send me, everything that you write me. I’m just happy that somebody gets it.”

– Jordan Miller,

Rise BreatheHeavy, Rise! Interview With Kaya Jones Is Fire