And no, it’s not her collab with Azealia Banks.

Red light, yellow light, green light… Switch!

The bad news? The official “Switch” music video will never see the light of day since the bootleg version somehow leaked onto the Internet way, way ahead of schedule and ruined all promotional plans. The good news? Iggy Azalea says she has another single planned despite revealing earlier this month Digital Distortion won’t see another release.

“The video still isn’t happening, I’m finished promoting for switch,” Iggy said on Twitter. “I’m moving on to another single. I’ll give details when It’s time to.”

And no, it’s not her upcoming collab with Azealia Banks.

It’s not yet clear what Iggy’s up to. She also mentions having a newly-devised plan. Perhaps Digital Distortion is in the can and she’s beginning work on a new project? “I have new, awesome plans and you guys will see them come to fruition soon,” she says. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

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