Any time Britney wears a ring on her ring finger, speculation swirls she’s serious with the current man in her life. This weekend in Las Vegas is no exception.

Fans are gossiping about why Brit chose to wear a ring on that finger during a lunch outing at Meatball Spot in Las Vegas on Saturday. 99% sure it’s because she just likes to, but it certainly doesn’t help rumors even a decade later when you’re known for getting a quickie marriage in Vegas!

This isn’t the first time a story’s popped up like this. Back in August, 2009 she wore one for an MTV VMA commercial shoot. Again in June, 2011, Brit wore a big rock on her ring finger (months before her and Jason were engaged). Her rep immediately shot down the marriage rumor. She also wore one on August, 2011, during a Femme Fatale show.

In other words… she likes to keep that finger warm with bling, nothing more!

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