Rihanna's W Magazine Shoot Is So Hard (Yeah Yeah Yeah)

Rihanna left her W magazine photoshoot a few weeks back wearing a bull ring, so I suspected her pics for the issue would be fire. However, I didn’t prepare myself for complete and utter slayage.

Rihanna turns on the tribal-grunge factor in these pictures by Mert & Marcus.

I’ll do my best to describe the emotion in these photos for you.

Rihanna recently slaughtered a musk ox to wear for warmth during the shoot. The prairie dog necklace was just to scare the stylists.


As a result of the slaughter, wolves came.


If you stare long enough at this photo, she blinks. Wait for it…


If Mary Poppins had a love child with Lady Gaga, it’d be Rihanna in this pic.




Riri shared a new photo from another shoot she did for the mag, posing with Naomi Campbell and Iman for an upcoming fashion story.